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Journeying into scientific research

I’m Gwyn and I’m doing postgraduate scientific research (PhD student) here at Sheffield Hallam University. My research focus is glacial geomorphology.

Before starting my PhD I was an undergraduate here, studying the environment*. I knew that I had interests in the environment and natural world, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. The course seemed to cover a wide range of topics which I thought would be valuable in helping me to keep my options open post-graduation.

The course offered a great range of modules which allowed me to find out which areas I enjoyed the most. The course enabled me to develop practical skills through various fieldtrips, as well as more ‘academic’ skills such as report writing, creating portfolios, and presenting work to others.


Whilst the course offered a lot of practical and employability skills, I was also able to develop my research skills through various group projects and during my final dissertation. I felt confident as I progressed through my undergraduate degree knowing that I was developing transferable skills in a wide range of areas for either employment or further studies. 

I would highly recommend this course; it has a lot to offer for personal development and you have autonomy in the direction of which your studies go, depending on your interests and strengths.


*Gwyn took our BSc (Hons) Environmental Science course, which has now been renamed as BSc (Hons) Climate, Sustainability and Environmental Management

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