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BA/BSc (Hons) Geography

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APPLIED to study geography
with us in sept 2024?

If you missed the UCAS deadline but would like to discuss options for 2024 entry, email course lead Dr. Camila Bassi on 

Study on an innovatively designed Geography course that allows you to develop your academic knowledge and applied professional skills.

You can focus on human geography, physical geography, or maintain a balance, and have the option to graduate with a BA (Hons) or a BSc (Hons) depending on the electives you choose.


You can explore our Geography course modules for years 1, 2 and 3 below, all of which have critical applied skills such as Geographic Information Systems embedded throughout. You have an option to do a placement year between years 2 and 3.


The course is accredited by the Royal Geographical Society


ba/bsc geography modules


Develop understanding of approaches to sustainability and the complex and dynamic interactions between societies and environments. Learn about the drivers of change in environments over space and time, including the interactions between climate, ecosystems and landscapes.


Explore Earth Systems Science and the physical processes that shape environments across our planet. In this module you will learn how the natural world came to be, and how human interactions influence the landscapes around us.


Learn about the contested origins of human geography in the history of colonial empire building, and see how the discipline has progressed over time into a dynamic and socially engaged subject. Recognise and understand how human geography addresses a wide range of societal change, inequalities, injustices, and problems.


Develop geographical techniques (such as fieldwork, lab skills, IT) and professional skills which build a foundation for your future studies and career. Learn how to reflect on your skills and ambitions and understand how these align with the expert roles of geographers in society.

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