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student projects

Showcasing assignments and extra-curricular projects from our fantastic students

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Working towards equity in fieldwork

Students Ben and Maxine carried out a collaborative paid student summer research placement, working together with Geography and Environment academic staff to research equity in fieldwork.


They carried out a literature review to generate a poster to raise awareness (see left), which they presented at an academic conference.


They then developed survey questions to send out to students and staff, to help develop a new checklist for better understanding JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) considerations in fieldwork.


Third year students publish an online book to showcase their assignments

We are living in unprecedented times, and there has never been a more important moment for graduates to understand the complex challenges hazard management presents. In their third year, our Geography and Environment students have the chance to take a module focussed on living with hazard and risk. They learn about Disaster Risk Reduction, inequity and vulnerability, and a range of environmental hazards- from volcanoes to severe storms.

As part of this module, the students are tasked to write a book chapter, and also to take part in a peer review process, providing feedback on the work of two of their peers and reflecting on and incorporating formative feedback on their own work.


The 2023 book is now online, and can be read here (with previous volumes available here)*. The finished chapters within the volume represent many hours of studentship, and participation in seminars, workshops, and group debates- we are really proud of what our students have achieved.








*Note that the work is presented entirely within an educational context, and is not intended for general circulation

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