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A safe and supportive space to learn

Hi! My name's Jess and I am a 3rd year student taking Geography here at Sheffield Hallam. I’m so proud to say I took up my undergraduate studies here for several reasons.


The lecturers, like my amazing course lead, do a great job at creating a safe and supportive space to learn. They all have a great amount of knowledge surrounding their subjects and modules, and will do their best to reply to student questions or concerns and engage the students they teach. I am incredibly fortunate to have been taught by them. 


I have studied some great human geography modules here. These modules cover some key areas of human geography from urban environments and populations to relevant world events and how people interact with the natural environment. These modules have allowed me to develop my analysis and critical thinking skills to a degree that my first-year self wouldn’t have seen coming! 


Overall, this course offered me everything I could ask for. I have had an amazing experience learning and growing on this course and wish the best for all the lecturers and future students.

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