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kit's story

Taking a passion for human geography and becoming a specialist in Sustainable Urbanism

Having studied Geography at Hallam between 2018 - 2022, I look back on my time studying in Sheffield with great fondness. The course offers a fantastic variety of academic exploration from transport geography and urban design through to geo-politics and international conflict. The variety of discussion is what attracted me to human geography as a discipline, and to this course in particular. Of course, these topics interlink, and the course critically weaves these discussions together within wider geographical framing. 


During the course, I began to gravitate towards urban design and planning which motivated me to take on an industrial placement year in urban planning between my second and final years of study. Working with a consultancy in Sheffield, I gained experience in the practical application of my study through exposure to a range of interesting and complex projects – a perspective which I was able to subsequently bring back to my studies at SHU. Returning to my final year of study, I felt more motivated in my study, and could better visualise my future career path in the urban environment. 


In order to specialise further in the world of urbanism and planning, I have since moved to London to study a master’s degree in Sustainable Urbanism whilst continuing to work within urban design and planning. Studying Human Geography at Hallam set me up well for further study, not only in terms of my academic skills but also by providing a really comprehensive grounding in principles of sustainable urban development. These skills, gained through study at Hallam, have been essential in progressing in my academic journey and career.

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