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Taking Geography skills into the real-world

I'm a BSc Geography graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, and recently carried out an internship at an environmental consultancy and drainage management company called Green Spark, which I obtained through the Hallam Internship Scheme.

On the first day my mentor allowed me to communicate what I wanted from the internship, which was a knowledge of environmental consultancy and drainage management. They also communicated what they wanted me to do for the business to create a mutually beneficial dynamic. I was integrated quickly into the business, where I felt more like an employee than an intern.

On the internship I was given time with every team within the business, to understand how the business functions as well as multiple site visits. I was tasked with fronting their marketing on LinkedIn. This reinforced my understanding of the company as my informative posts had to be watertight.

I had several other projects within the business such as, critiquing their website, producing case studies, creating a marketing scheme, and running internal initiatives. At the end of the internship I was given a platform to communicate to all of management what I had achieved and my feedback on the business. I had feedback as to how the mapping process could be streamlined; from this I had a meeting with the CEO to explain my ideas, which were received positively and later implemented.

I would strongly recommend applying for the Hallam Internship Scheme as my internship was undoubtedly beneficial for my confidence, knowledge, and networking.

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