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Cristina's story

Environmental superstar

After having completed a three-year environment course* at Sheffield Hallam University, I can confidentially say it’s been the best 3 years of my life. In relation to the course, it explored every aspect of environmental science from wildlife conservation to sustainable settlement strategies to natural hazards risk reduction.


The heavy influence placed on fieldwork and professional experience allows you to learn via doing, I found this extremely beneficial, as it pushed me to obtain experience in the working world and showed me which aspects of the course, I was most interested in.


The Amsterdam** fieldtrip in second year sparked an interest in sustainable cities and since graduating I have managed to obtain a job as a sustainability engineer.


It is important to highlight the countless support offered from both the university as a whole and lecturers, for instance when carrying out my dissertation project I attended statistical help sessions to assist in choosing the most appropriate statistical tests to carry out on my data.


Overall, the beauty of this course is how varied it is, meaning it opens doors in countless different fields of work depending on what you enjoy. The highlight for me was meeting likeminded people within the course and being exposed to new innovative environmental concepts. 

*Cristina graduated from our BSc (Hons) Environmental Science course in 2023, which now has the new name of "BSc (Hons) Climate, Sustainability and Environmental Management"

**Note that fieldtrip destinations may be subject to change

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